About Us

A place where you can find everything about bamboo.

Whether you want to grow your own bamboo on your property or want to know more about bamboo used in products, such as fabrics, toothbrushes, or flooring. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to the fastest growing plant of the world.

Why did we pick bamboo?

It is one of the biggest underrated creations that mother nature has to offer. There are numerous species that have different features. It also shows uncountable facets when it comes to utilizing the plant. Considering that it is a natural product, it often is a sustainable alternative to plastic. In addition, it grows way faster than trees because it is a grass. Therefore, we had plenty reason to inform people about bamboo.

And in the end, walking through a bamboo forest has something mystical and fascinating. Another good reason for bamboo.

Who is behind Bamboo Plants HQ?

Here is the short answer: James & Natalie. 

We are newly-weds and love to travel around the world.

We recently started rethinking our waste production and carbon footprint. Particularly traveling to other countries initiated our thought process. Whenever we can, we try to find alternatives for plastic. Besides refilling water bottles and using reusable grocery bags, we switched a lot of our household goods to bamboo products and other more sustainable items.

Our goal is to inspire our readers to use different products and maybe even grow bamboo by providing the best information that you can find online.

Woman (Natalie) and man (James) in front of bamboo

Do you want to reach out to us?

Send us an email to contact@bambooplantshq.com or use the contact form below.