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Where our bamboo journey began...

and our shared enthusiasm lead us to create this website.

A place where people can learn everything they need to know about bamboo.

Why did we pick bamboo?

It is one of the biggest underrated creations that mother nature has to offer. There are hundreds of species and each one has different features. Bamboo is also very versatile. While it’s sturdy enough for construction, it can be manufactured into silky fabrics as well.

Considering that it is a natural product that grows faster than trees, it often is a sustainable alternative to some other materials. Therefore, we had plenty reason to dive into the world of bamboo.

And we forgot one more: simply walking through a bamboo forest has something mystical and fascinating. It mesmerizes us every time!

Who is behind Bamboo Plants HQ?

We’re James and Natalie, partners in life and passionate bamboo enthusiasts. As members of the American Bamboo Association, our dedication to bamboo has deep roots.

We fell in love with bamboo during our travels. It’s hard not to see this versatile plant in Asia. And it’s also hard not to see a specific problem while traveling: trash, especially single-use plastics. While you can ignore it quite well in the US, you cannot overlook it in some other countries. This ignited a shared interest that has since evolved into a lifestyle and a mission.

Woman (Natalie) and man (James) in front of bamboo

While we both take special interest in different areas. Together, we’ve merged our passions, creating this space to share everything we’ve learned about bamboo. Whether you’re interested in bamboo for health, sustainability, or gardening, we’ve got something for you.

So, come join us on our bamboo journey as we continue exploring the amazing potential of this versatile plant.

James - the health & sustainability expert

Meet James, your go-to guy for all things bamboo! Even though he’s not formally trained in the topic, his passion for bamboo is so deep that he’s self-taught himself enough to fill a library. His motto? ‘You don’t need a degree to care about the planet or your health.’

James writes about everything from munching on bamboo shoots for their health perks to sipping on bamboo tea for a wellness boost. But he doesn’t stop at the dinner table. He’s all about incorporating bamboo into every aspect of life. His dream? To see a world where more sustainable products, not plastic, are the norm.

As an author, James explores the health benefits of bamboo, detailing its nutritional value when used in foods like bamboo shoots, as well as the wellness benefits derived from bamboo leaves. His writings provide practical advice on incorporating bamboo into one’s lifestyle to promote well-being.

James’s fascination with bamboo extends beyond its health benefits to its potential as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to many common materials. He is deeply committed to the notion that bamboo can play a significant role in combating environmental degradation by serving as a replacement for some single-use plastics and other environmentally harmful products.

In his work, he puts his thorough research into easy to understand articles. His exploration of bamboo serves not only as an informative guide but also a clarion call to action.  

His passion and curiosity have made him a go-to source for bamboo products. His drive to promote and educate about the benefits of bamboo, for both personal health and global sustainability, shines brightly through his writing. As he continues to spread his message, James hopes to inspire individuals and communities alike to take steps towards a greener and healthier future.

Natalie - the bamboo garden expert

Natalie is a backyard gardener with a passion for bamboo, and an author who delights in sharing her botanical journey with readers. Her interest in bamboo began with a single plant in her garden, but quickly blossomed into an in-depth exploration of various species and their unique qualities.

While Natalie’s bamboo garden may not cover acres, it’s an oasis of serenity and natural beauty that has inspired countless readers. Through her writing, Natalie shows that anyone can enjoy the elegance of bamboo, regardless of the size of their garden. Her expertise and enthusiasm have a knack for turning casual readers into budding bamboo enthusiasts.

Over time, Natalie has honed her knowledge about bamboo’s diverse species, and she beautifully conveys the intricacies of each in her writing. From sharing practical tips on cultivating bamboo to detailing the ornamental characteristics that make each species unique, her work is both a guide and a source of inspiration for bamboo lovers.

Despite not having formal horticultural training, Natalie’s self-driven learning and hands-on experience have made her a trusted voice in the bamboo gardening community. Whether you’re looking to transform your backyard into a bamboo sanctuary or merely curious about these versatile plants, Natalie’s insightful and accessible writing is a wonderful starting point.

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