Contained bamboo sections that don't spread

How to Stop Bamboo From Spreading?

Most people think that bamboo spreads uncontrollably. That’s not always the case. We have several ways to stop bamboo from spreading. You can eradicate the whole plant, root pruning, installing barriers, and a lot more. Let’s dig deeper into this. Bamboo is one of the most invasive plants on earth. When people think of it […]

Lucky Bamboos as an example for bamboo-like plants

5 Bamboo-Like Plants

There are several plants out there that are confused as bamboo or that act as “bamboo imposters”. Today, we thought we would go over some of the most common bamboo-like plants – just for the fun of it.

Phyllostachys Bissetii

Originating in Sichuan, China, this beautiful bamboo specimen grows best in warm weather, but is one of the few cold hardy running varieties.

Phyllostachys Humilis

Phyllostachys Humilis is one of the smallest bamboos in the genus Phyllostachys only growing 7-15 feet tall and a maximum of 1 inch in diameter.

Phyllostachys Aureosulcata Spectabilis

This rare collector bamboo is not generally available for sale. Phyllostachys Aureosulcata has yellow culms (or canes/stocks) that have a green strip and green leaves providing gorgeous contrast.