Pseudosasa Japonica Arrow Bamboo

Arrow Bamboo is unique for lots of reasons, one being that the Japanese literally use to make arrows out of this plant! A great option for those looking for a screen that’s not “too” high, it generally grows between 8-18 feet.

Phyllostachys Aurea Koi

This collector bamboo has an extremely strange appearance caused by the plants nodes being stacked randomly. The cane color is yellow with green stripes.

Phyllostachys Nigra Black Bamboo

Black bamboo is an extremely popular bamboo used a lot in decoration and light wood work. It’s also considered to be a great garden center piece as the black culms contrast beautifully with the green leaves.

Phyllostachys Heteroclada Solid Stem

Phyllostachys heteroclada is a cold hardy bamboo that can withstand temperatures down to -10 F. Solid Stem gets its name from the lower parts of the canes which are nearly solid in structure.

Phyllostachys Nuda

The roots of Nuda can survive to -20 F which makes it one of the most cold hardy of all the running bamboo species.

Phyllostachys edulis Jaquith Moso

Moso is the tallest temperate bamboo plant species on earth, and there’s no mistaking it. The color of the culms are a dark green, but what makes this plant especially distinguishable are the hairs that grow on the canes.

Phyllostachys Vivax

With similar appearance to Japanese Timber Bamboo, Phyllostachys Vivax is a commonly sought after species with large dark green leaves and cream colored culms.

Phyllostachys Bambusoides

As fat as temperate timber bamboos go, this is the strongest and has the best woodworking and woodcraft qualities. This is an upright species that does well in wind, and snow (as long as the temperatures are above 5 F).

Phyllostachys Viridis

Phyllostachys Viridis is a quick growing timber bamboo that does best in mild to warm climates. It’s actually known for being drought hardy once matured.