Phyllostachys Decora

Beautiful Bamboo has straight canes and beautiful draping foliage. Besides its beauty, the most noteworthy aspect of this bamboo, is the fact that it does so well under stress.

Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis

Quick Facts: Other Common Names: Aureocaulis, Golden Vivax, Green Stripe Vivax Type: Running Average Height: 45 Feet Average diameter: 4 Inches Zone: 6-10 (Hardy to -5 degrees Fahrenheit) Light Requirements: Sun or Partial Shade Best Use: Very Rare, Collectors Bamboo, Cold Hardy, Ornamental, Decorative, Description: Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is a rare collector species that hasn’t […]

Phyllostachys Bambusoides Tanakae

Quick Facts: Other Common Names: Tanakae Type: Running Average Height: 35 Feet Average diameter: 3Inches Zone: 7-8 (Hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit) Light Requirements: Sun or Partial Shade Best Use: Rare, Collectors Bamboo, Ornamental, Decorative, Wood Craft, Description: Tanakae has many of the same characteristics of other bambusoides which makes it great for woodworking, and […]

Fargesia Rufa

Rufa is a short cold hardy bamboo that works great for decorative hedges and small screens. This is a vigorous clumping variety that will quickly fills in small areas.

What bamboo is used for clothing

What bamboo is used for clothing?

From socks to scarves, bamboo is often used as a fabric for clothing nowadays. Not all of the over 1000 species in this plant group can be used for clothing though. The variety of bamboo used to create fabrics is called Moso which is hardy and a speedy growing weed. The composition of Moso bamboo […]

Red bamboo stems

Red Bamboo Plant

This bamboo got its name from the red color of new culms. The red bamboo plant, also known as Red Dragon, is a very easy clumping bamboo. Learn more about it here!