Lucky bamboo shaped like a heart

Bamboo Heart Plant

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that when people ask for the bamboo heart plant, they’re looking for a lucky bamboo plant shaped like this.

Lucky bamboo comes in a variety of shapes, hearts being just one of them. The “bamboo heart plant” can be found at your local florist or ordered online.

Another option is to make your lucky bamboo into a heart shape yourself!


Instructions for making lucky bamboo heart shaped:

1. You will need to equal-ish sized bamboo plants. These plants need to be a fairly good size (think 5 inches).


2. Take the stalks of bamboo and position them so that the bottoms are together and use a twist tie to keep them together.

3. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it so that it is 5 inches taller than the stalks (10 inches if you start with 5 inch stalks). You also want to be sure that the cardboard is long enough you can fold it and create a barrier on three sides of the plants.

4. Take another piece of cardboard and tape it across the top of this three sided barrier to keep the light out on all but one side of both plants. This will force them to grow towards the light. In doing this will you will create a curve as the plants grow sideways in an attempt to get light. This can take a long time because lucky bamboo does grow fairly slowly. Once the curve seems to be right for the bottom of the heart take the cardboard off and flip the stalks around.

5. Repeat the first process waiting until the bamboo curves enough to complete the heart shape.

6. When you believe it looks good. Flip one of the bamboo plants around so that they are facing each other and form a heart!


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