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Bamboo House Plant

The last time I wrote about bamboo house plants I wrote mainly about “real” bamboo plants that can be grown inside. But this time, I thought I would go ahead and use the ambiguous term “bamboo house plant” to describe lucky bamboo, since I believe this is what most people are searching for. If you were looking for “real” bamboo plants that can be grown inside check out the indoor bamboo plant post.

Bamboo house plant=Lucky bamboo?


So you’re looking for your next houseplant and your eyes have wondered onto the unique and easy to grow lucky bamboo plant? Let me start by saying, you’ve made a good choice in indoor plants. Especially, if you’re like me and typically struggle to keep indoor plants alive.

The first thing you should note, is that lucky “bamboo” isn’t really bamboo. It’s actually a succulent grown underneath the canopy of the rainforest whereas bamboo is part of the grass family. If you start wandering around bamboo communities and talking about lucky “bamboo” you will most likely get a swift slap to the hand and reprimand about confusing plants that aren’t related.

On this website, I don’t do that. I recognize both plants as beautiful additions to your home and yard environment. I also recognize that both plants hold significance in Eastern Asian culture and that they each serve their own purpose. With that being said, I think that it is important to point out the differences so that people know that there are different care routines and requirements for each plant.

Why lucky bamboo?

Lucky bamboo is a great choice for a “bamboo” house plant. Real bamboo tends to be tricky to grow inside and it takes patience and perseverance to succeed. It’s also most practical to start by growing bamboo outdoors and learning about its needs and requirements before growing it indoors. Lucky bamboo, on the other hand, grows great inside even under the most inexperienced hand.


Where to get it?

In short, the best place to get lucky bamboo locally is from your local florist. These plants will be the healthiest and will be available in different arrangements such as spiraled.

Lucky bamboo requirements.

Lucky bamboo has minimal requirements. It needs water, filtered sunlight and fertilizer. Lucky bamboo comes in water, but in nature it grows in soil, so it’s best to transplant it to soil. Next, fill the pot to the rim with water and place it in a window that gets indirect light. That’s all there is to it!
Ready to start growing lucky bamboo? Awesome, also check out our lucky bamboo plant page to learn everything you ever needed to know about lucky bamboo (okay maybe not everything, but everything a beginner needs to know!).


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