Bamboo Palm Plant

Chamaedora erumpens, or the bamboo palm plant is a lovely palm that has a slight resemblance to “real” bamboo plants. Like lucky bamboo, the bamboo palm is a tropical plant that does best in warm humid conditions. Also like lucky bamboo it grows well in indirect light and areas with low light conditions. Many people want to grow real bamboo indoors, but it’s hard and typically takes experience with growing bamboo outdoors. So, for people wanting a beautiful plant resembling bamboo, this may be a more realistic alternative.

Buying a Palm

Bamboo palms can be found at stores like Home Depot and Lowes and also online at places like Amazon. Unlike bamboo, you won’t readily find nurseries that specialize in growing just bamboo palms, but they should be too difficult to find. When picking out your plant, look for plants that are dark green and standing up straight. At the time of buying your plant, it’s always a good idea to choose a container to move your plant into. A pot at least a few inches bigger than the pot it comes in is good.


Planting Bamboo Palms

It’s best to transplant the plant when you get it. Bamboo palms need a commercial potting soil like Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Mix

. Put your soil into your new pot until it’s about 25% full. Then, place your plant into the pot and fill the remaining space with soil leaving one-two inches from the top without soil. Make sure you pack the soil in around the plant gently to provide it with some stability. Water the plant well with filtered water and place it in a sunny window.

Caring for your Bamboo Palm

After your bamboo palm has had time to establish itself you can move it into a shady spot or an area with indirect sun. The care is fairly simple, just water your plants when the soil becomes dry. Using a palm fertilizer is a good idea, but you should wait with newly planted palms for at least two months. A fertilizer such as Jobe’s Palm Fertilizer

, is a slow release fertilizer that only needs to be applied twice during the growing season. Other fertilizers may need to be applied up to four times during the growing period and they should have instructions that come with them. Mites can be an issue with palms so keep an eye on the undersides of the leaves. If you notice mites, simply wash the leaves carefully in a warm water with mild soap. Do this periodically until the mites are gone. Also, remember to remove brown and damaged leaves regularly.
So, there you have it! Growing bamboo palm plants is easy and fun!

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