Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo is fairly simple plant to grow in the ground or containers.

Ensuring its optimal health and growth requires some knowledge about bamboo care. This includes understanding its specific light and soil requirements, ideal watering practices, fertilization needs, and how to handle common issues such as yellowing, browning, and pests. In addition, there are several other relevant topics that you may be interested in exploring for comprehensive bamboo care.

For more specific topics about bamboo plant care, we have additional articles and guides that talk about anything from trimming & fertilizing bamboo to common bamboo pests.


  • Our bamboo has not fully recovered from a harsh winter . We have growth at the base but Dead canes above the thriving lower canes . Should we cut back the canes that appear dead ?

    • Hi Gail, I’d say it depends. Are you sure they are dead? Or did they just change colors due to conditions or the characteristics of the species? If they are dead I would cut them back (prune them). Cut them above a node though, otherwise, you will have the same issue again. I hope your plants will get better soon!

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