Bamboo Plants Home Depot

Bamboo Plants Home Depot

The most common type of bamboo plant that you’ll find at home depot is lucky bamboo…which isn’t really even bamboo! But, if you’re interested in finding lucky bamboo this can be a good place to start. Home Depot will also be good for finding artificial bamboo plants. At least, I’ve seen them at my local Home Depot.
The most common type of “real” bamboo that you’ll find at Home Depot is probably a golden bamboo or a species of Phyllostachys. The Home Depot Garden Club website lists a good number of bamboo plants. You can check that out here  just enter the word “bamboo” in the search bar. But as far as telling you what exactly Home Depot sells- it doesn’t do that.

Home Depot uses various sources to obtain their plants and different areas get different plants, so I can’t tell you for sure that Home Depot will have anything that you’re looking for. My suggestion would be to call your local Home Depot and ask them or drop in!
I personally feel like the best way to buy bamboo is from a local nursery. You can learn more about that on our bamboo plants for sale page.

 photo credit: Bamboo de la suerte via photopin (license)

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