Bamboo Plants Melbourne

Melbourne has its own unique weather which makes finding bamboo plants in Melbourne at times a bit of a challenge. The first thing I would suggest to someone looking to find bamboo in the Melbourne area is to start locally. My sources tell me that there are a few places that sell bamboo plants right in Melbourne as well as several nurseries in Australia that will ship plants to Melbourne. I would highly recommend starting with these before branching out to abroad nurseries.


Bamboo Plants Melbourne

The plants in local shops will be tested to the weather, temperature, and perhaps even the local soil. Nurseries in Australia as a whole should still be able to provide you with some guidance for your area, but it won’t be as exact. Sometimes you won’t be able to find what you want locally and in those cases you will probably turn to the internet (for Australia nurseries or even those abroad). In these cases it’s good to have an ideas of what genera do best in your region. For those of you unfamiliar with how bamboo plants are classified they are separated first into generas and then into species. Bamboo Plants in Melbourne

So, for instance the first clumping variety I list is Bambusa, but there are several species within Bambusa, such as Bambusa tulda and Bambusa vulgaris. So, even though I recommend Bambusa, you will want to take a look at the individual species requirements and make sure they seem suitable for your area. The generas listed below are my top picks for the Melbourne area.














Hopefully this was helpful to you in picking out your new plant. Once you know what you’re getting visit our how to plant bamboo page for information on getting it in the ground! bamboo-308353_640


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