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If you’re looking to find bamboo plants online there are several options that might work for you. As always, I suggest trying to find bamboo locally first and you can read more about that on our bamboo plants for sale page.

However if you’re determined to buy your bamboo plants online, we have included a few suggestions below.


The first two below would be the top two places I would order from. One of the primary reasons I suggest these two is because of the information they offer. You can tell by reading their site that they have a lot of passion for their bamboo and they’re not just trying to get you to buy something- it’s a business, but it’s not JUST a business.

The last two listed are sites that I would feel fairly confident buying bamboo from, but I would be a bit more diligent.

Bamboo Garden

I have yet to visit the bamboo garden, but they have a lot of good information which makes me feel very comfortable in recommending them as the first place you look into for buying bamboo online.

Lewis Bamboo

I also have never visited or bought anything from Lewis Bamboo, but they also seem to have a lot of good information and they have a wide variety of plant options.

Other sites which may have what you’re looking for.

JM Bamboo

This company has a lot of good information and a variety of species. They would probably be my third choice in buying bamboo because they do offer information about growing bamboo and they seem have a passion for it.

Bamboo Direct

This company doesn’t have a lot of information on their website, but they are devoted to just growing bamboo and they do have a large variety of bamboo plants to choose from.

These are the companies that I would start with on your search to buying bamboo plants online. If you can’t find what you need or you have a specific bamboo species in mind I would recommend checking out the American Bamboo Societies Source List.

photo credit: Kourakuen-98 via photopin (license)

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