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Bamboo plants are grown and sold world-wide. In the UK bamboo can be found locally at nurseries, or through online retailers. As I always suggest, try and buy your bamboo locally before turning to an online shop. The reason for this is that by buying locally you will be able to learn how the plant grows best in specific local. You will also be supporting a local industry! If you’re interested in learning more about picking out the best bamboo species and making sure the plant you’re buying is healthy check out bamboo plants for sale.

Caring for bamboo in the UK?

Bamboo species that do well in the UK are going to be the same ones that do well in the Pacific Northwest. Buying your plants locally should help ensure that you’re picking plants that are going to work for your region. Bamboo is popular in the UK as a screen and also as a trendy and beautiful garden plant. If you’re interested in buying an indoor bamboo plant I would recommend looking into lucky bamboo (hint: it isn’t actually bamboo). “Real” bamboo doesn’t do well indoors, but flourish outdoors in the right conditions.

What are the right conditions?

That depends upon the species that you chose. Generally speaking bamboo needs well-draining soil, sunlight, and plenty of water. That being said, it’s important to check each individual species requirements before purchasing. For example, Phyllostachys prefer full sun while Thamnocalamus prefers shady environments. This could obviously be a deal breaker if you didn’t have the right amount of sunlight or too much!

What about water?

Since the UK is fairly rainy it’s very important that the soil be well draining. Popular belief will have you thinking that bamboo grows wonderfully in swamps, but boggy soil can actually cause the bamboo’s roots to rot. Root rot is nearly impossible to treat without digging the plant up and re-planting it in a better draining area. If you don’t have good draining soil, don’t lose heart, you can amend what you have!

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