The Best Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are one of the hottest new items in the world of bedding, and honestly, I think every bit of the hype is deserved. Sheets made from the fibers of bamboo are so luxurious and are way smoother and softer than cotton sheets. They resist icky bacteria and are super breathable. Some people compare bamboo sheets to cashmere because of its insanely soft texture. These sheets are great for treating yourself to an amazing night of sleep, and with proper care will last you for years. You can find countless colors, patterns, and sizes of bamboo sheets on the Internet, which makes it super easy to find a pair that will go with any bedroom vibe. Read on for some of the best bamboo sheets Amazon has to offer.

Affordable Bamboo Sheets from Golden Linen

These ultra-soft bamboo sheets are some of the most affordable on the market. They are made from a blend of microfiber and bamboo, which explains the lower cost. They are available in four different colors and are even hypoallergenic and stain resistant. Yay for less laundry!

Seriously Silky Sheets from Royal Hotel

These sheets are maybe the softest in the world, according to the product description. They’re made out of 100% bamboo viscose, and they are pretty affordable for the quality. These sheets have some weight to them, all while keeping you cool all night.

Sheets That Will Make You Say “Ahh” by Zen Bamboo

These five-star sheets have over 2,000 reviews on Amazon for their amazing quality. They are comprised of 40% microfiber and 60% bamboo, which may explain their reasonable price for a queen set. They are silky soft and fine-woven, and won’t wrinkle after washing. I hate having to iron, so this is a super bonus for me. These sheets are great for sheet snobs who don’t want to pay a fortune a similar quality.

Luxurious Bamboo Sheets Fit for a Queen by Cariloha

These bamboo sheets are not cheap but they may be the best your money can buy. They are durable and some of the softest on the market, and the company even offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. They stay baby soft after many washes, and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The only question left to ask is… what are you buying yourself for your birthday?

Get Cozy With Sheets from Cozy House

Bring the spa to your bedroom with these ultra soothing sheets. These bamboo sheets are also a blend of bamboo and microfiber, which makes them both luxurious and affordable. These sheets come in a cute vinyl package and are available in 14 different pleasing colors.

Feel Luxurious With Sheets from LuxClub

These sheets are a blend of bamboo and microfiber, and come in over 30 colors that won’t fade! They have deep pockets to fit most mattresses and will suit the most sensitive or allergy prone skin. You’ll love these affordable sheets so much you’ll want to buy your whole family a set!