The Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets

There are “bamboo sheets” and there are real bamboo sheets that are eco-friendly. It’s not really easy to find the best product in this category. This page should help you, though.

Sheets made from bamboo fibers are luxurious. They are smooth and soft, resist icky bacteria, and they are super breathable. Some people compare bamboo sheets to cashmere because of their insanely soft texture. These sheets are great for treating yourself to an amazing night of sleep, and with proper care, they will last you for years. 

You can find countless colors, patterns, and sizes of bamboo sheets on the internet, which makes it super easy to find a pair that will go with any bedroom vibe. However, finding a brand that actually produces real bamboo sheets isn’t all that easy. You’ll find blends that claim to be 100% bamboo, when in fact they are 40% microfiber and 60% bamboo, or similar combinations. This is why I will focus on the real bamboo sheets that even have another benefit: They are eco-friendly as well.

Do you want to jump ahead?

What properties have bamboo sheets?

This is what you’ll read in every product description: Breathable, cooling, moisture-wicking, and silky soft. In addition to this, bamboo fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic because dust mites cannot “dock on” so easily. Bamboo sheets are more odor resilient and anti-bacterial than cotton.

So, bottom line is if you want a natural product bamboo sheets are amazing. Besides all the natural benefits the fabric is also super soft and provides you very breathable linens. This means moisture (sweat) will dry faster. Hence, bamboo sheets are great for hot and cold areas (with a duvet). Why cold areas when it has a cooling effect, you think? Well, if you are like me, you sleep with a thick comforter or duvet. If the temperature isn’t perfect you still sweat and, with the moisture-wicking and cooling features of bamboo sheets, it’s not a big deal.

Is bamboo the best choice?

Since I am the owner of a bamboo website, I have to say yes. I mean come on, what else am I supposed to say. In addition, if you read the section above, you see that bamboo has a lot of great properties for linens. Bamboo as a resource is a great plant. It grows fast, doesn’t need plenty of fertilizer, and creates more oxygen than trees. Read more about the sustainability of bamboo here!

However, it may not be the best choice for you. There is never the perfect product anyways. Some people complain about fast ripping or holes in sheets after washing for the first time. Although most manufacturers say that their product is durable, this doesn’t always seem to be right (especially if you have pets sleeping in your bed).

What you should avoid when looking for eco-friendly bamboo sheets

Don’t believe what the title says. Always read the description because they often lie in the title. 100% organic bamboo is often not so true. You may find blends with cotton and synthetics once you read the description. This can be really aggravating.

If you want a really eco-friendly product, go for lyocell. It is made in a closed loop. Viscose without certain chemicals is fine too. Rayon, however, is the worst choice you can make. It involves a lot of chemicals in an open-loop production, which means it’s not good for the environment.

The best eco-friendly bamboo sheets

Ok, this is very likely what you came here for. What are my product recommendations for eco-friendly real bamboo sheets?

Lyocell bamboo sheets by Vegan Silk

The bamboo sheets from Vegan Silk are one of the few that are made from bamboo lyocell. Guaranteed to be produced in a sustainable closed loop, these linens are eco-friendly and feel like silk. So, you get the best of everything. The only downside is the color choice.

  • 100% lyocell
  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex 100
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Set: 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillow cases (only 1x pillow case for Twin size)
  • Pillow cases with hidden zipper
  • Available sizes: Twin up to King
  • 2 available colors including white and grey
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Price Range: $USD 70-100

ZENLUSSO’s bamboo viscose sheets

These sheets are truly good for you and the environment. The certified bed sheets don’t use harmful chemicals in the production process. The sateen weave with 300 thread count ensures luxury for you. It is very soft while being breathable and cooling. The weave also minimizes wrinkles while having anti-static characteristics that prevent frizzy hair. 

The only downside is the variety of colors. Everything else is simply perfect.

  • 100% viscose
  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex certified, SGS highest rating for anti-pill, USDA Organic Bamboo, made in a BSCI audited facility
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Set: 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillow cases (only 1x pillow case for Twin sizes)
  • Pillow cases with envelope cover
  • Available sizes: Twin up to California King
  • 3 available colors including white, blue, and grey
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Price Range: $USD 70-100

Bamboo viscose sheets from DTY

The bamboo sheets from DTY are another great choice if you want sheets made of bamboo viscose. Just like the ZENLUSSO sheets they are certified and provide all the silky, soft properties you are looking for in bed sheets. However, DTY offers different colors that the other brand doesn’t have.

  • 100% viscose derived from top quality organic bamboo
  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex (closed loop process)
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Available sizes: Twin up to King (also Split King)
  • Set: 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillow cases
  • 16 available colors including e.g. white, linen, and white check
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon
  • Price Range: $USD 90-130

No products found.

My Organic Sheets

The bedsheets from My Organic Sheets are a great choice if you don’t want to order on Amazon and instead from a company that specializes in bamboo sheets. Their eco-friendly bed sheet set is luxuriously soft. The bamboo is harvested sustainably, and they are not using harsh chemicals (not certified, though). 

  • 100% viscose from sustainably-sourced bamboo
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Available sizes: Twin up to California King
  • Set: 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet, 2x pillow cases
  • 6 available colors including white, blue, red, light blue, pink, and light pink
  • Price Range: $USD 129