The Best Bamboo Socks – Keep Your Feet Fresh & Dry

Socks might not be one of the first things that come to mind when you hear the word “bamboo.” Surprisingly, bamboo makes an excellent sock fabric. There’s nothing worse than stinky, sweaty, blistered feet after a long day of working on your feet or walking through a new city. Socks made out of bamboo-derived fabric are ultra soft, wick moisture, and even prevent the growth of nasty unwanted bacteria. The internet has tons of different bamboo socks to offer, and you may be surprised what a huge difference they can make. They will keep your feet warm in the winter, but won’t trap moisture around your feet. Read on for some of the best bamboo socks that will keep your feet fresh and dry!

Frilly Fun Bamboo Knit Socks from FITU

I was immediately drawn to these socks for their retro vibes, and adorable colors. FITU’s knit socks come in a pack of five, and are styled with a sweet little frill on the top. They’re incredibly soft, and can pair with anything from sneakers to a baby doll dress. They’re about a medium thickness, which is perfect for fall. These socks will keep your feet smelling and looking sweet, and will prevent the build-up of any excessive sweat.

Thin Athletic Bamboo Socks from SERISIMPLE

It’s hard to avoid unwanted smells from accumulating in your gym bag, especially from old used gym socks. Luckily, these ankle socks can help prevent those unpleasant smells we know so well. These socks are made from 80%bamboo, which will keep your feet cool and dry. With a price of $14.99 for a pack of 5, these socks are basically a steal, and you even have the option of buying them in some adorable pastel shades.

Socks for the Office by LAETAN

Everybody needs a high-quality, no-frills pair of socks for the office. But I don’t think it’s totally fair to have to compromise for boring, uncomfortable socks just for the sake of a business casual dress code! Thanks to these socks, you can have the benefits of plain professional socks, all without giving up comfort. These socks are also made from 80% bamboo, and will keep your feet fresh for an eight-hour work day, and then some.

Funky Toe-less Socks from FITLEAF

I’ve heard about toe socks…but I’ve never heard of toe-less socks! What may first appear like some horrible mistake at the sock factory, are actually a genius design for a no-slip yoga sock. Slipping around at a yoga class is always embarrassing, and these bamboo socks were designed to prevent just that. These socks allow you to grip the floor, all while providing breathable comfort.

No Show Bamboo Socks from StomperJoe

These socks are made from a whopping 90% bamboo, and they won’t peek out of your favorite pair of flats. You can wear these socks anywhere, and they will always keep your feet cozy, dry, and smelling fresh!