The Best Bamboo Towels

From silverware to sheets you can find almost any bamboo product on the Internet. Bamboo is great for the earth because it regenerates quickly, and is becoming a popular alternative to wood and cotton. Bamboo fabric is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and has antimicrobial properties. All of these qualities make for an ideal pillow. There’s nothing worse than having to flip a pillow over a million times during the night, or knowing that your pillow is harboring thousands of breakout-inducing germs. A bamboo pillow will keep you cool all night long and will resist the growth of bacteria. Paired with a silky set of bamboo sheets, a bamboo pillow could be the best thing for a good nights sleep. Read on for some of the best bamboo pillows Amazon has to offer.

Organic Towels from Brooklyn Bamboo

The first thing that drew me to these is the cute bamboo pattern on these premium organic bamboo and cotton blend towels. These towels come in a set of three, and in a cool grey pattern. The bamboo makes these towels super soft and absorbent, and the cotton adds a thick plushness that every good towel possesses. These towels can last many cycles through the wash, and won’t lose any of their structural integrity. They dry extremely quickly, and are nice and large.

Bamboo and Turkish Cotton Towels from Chakir Turkish Linens

These towels come in a pack of four, which I think is a super good deal for this quality of the towel. These towels are made from 35% Natural Organic Bamboo and 65% Turkish cotton. These two fabrics create an ultra-soft texture, and the bamboo makes these towels way more absorbent than other more traditional towels. Luxury hotels around the world buy these towels, and you can have that very own luxury to yourself.

6-Piece Set from Superior

These towels come in a beautiful salmon shade, and are made from 60% cotton and 40% bamboo fibers. This set allows you to fill out your entire bathroom. These towels are super soft, incredibly absorbent, and are especially good for people with sensitive skin. The company recommends to not use fabric softener when washing, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Hair Towel by Texere

This hair towel is great because the bamboo’s absorbency cuts down on time needed to blow dry, which also helps to reduce split ends. This towel is affordable and comes in black, Kashmir blue, and lily green. This clever hair towel also includes a smart elastic band that keeps the end of the towel tucked in perfectly, so you can do things around the house while your hair dries.