30+ Adorable & Unique Bamboo Gift Ideas

You want to go the extra mile to give unique gifts. You want to give the recipient something they will love. There’s always that special person in our circle that insists on natural, eco-friendly things. If you are thinking of a gift for a bamboo or all natural lover, you’ve found the perfect place!

Forget the idea of a gift card or plastic mug, let’s get this special person a gift he/she will love you for.

We’ve been looking for the most unique and adorable bamboo gifts. Cutting it down to 33 products was a challenge though because there are so many fantastic gifts made of bamboo. 

For the sake of good order, you can click a button below to jump to the respective group of bamboo presents.

Unique bamboo gifts for the kitchen

Below you will find unique and adorable bamboo gifts you can get for kitchen enthusiasts. If you want to think out of the box and get something you’ll be remembered for, take a quick look at these options.

A personalized bamboo cutting board

This personalized cutting board will make a perfect gift for a family member, friend, or even that special someone in your life. It also makes an excellent corporate gift for a business partner or prospective client. They’ll feel so good that you went all out to get something personalized. 

This unique personalized cutting board is a great way to express your love to a kitchen lover or a way to show your appreciation in a business situation. They’ll remember you every time they get to the kitchen.

U.S. state cutting boards

Sometimes we see some of our friends talk about where they come from with so much passion. We hear them talk about the great memories growing up or loved ones who are there. Or maybe you have a traveler in your family who loves collecting items related to each place they’ve visited. Why not surprise them with a bamboo Serving and Cutting Board in the shape of the state that means the most to them? 

Trust me, they’ll love it. The board is made of Moso bamboo, which is gentle on knives and easy to clean. If you’ve got that one home state or travel enthusiast in your life and you want to try out something different, this board is sure to be a hit!

Personalized charcuterie board

Help your friends and family serve their guests in style with these handmade beers and cheese trays. They’ll help with a stable carrying and serving and they come in different sizes and sets.. The best part is that you can add a date, family name, or message. 

This beautiful tray can serve as a perfect wedding present, a company gift, the possibilities are endless. The board can even be flipped over for use as a cutting board. So it’s multipurpose. Just the thing your loved one needs!

Collapsible fruit basket

Make a friend’s home decor more stylish with this beautiful housewarming gift that’ll stand out as thoughtful. Ditch the normal plastic fruit basket and go with this amazing basket made from renewable bamboo. It’s a beautiful piece of art that collapses and stores flat to save space and stands upright to become a spacious container.

Even a friend that knows nothing about bamboo will love this basket. It’s unique, so cute, and a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Tea organizer

Helping to organize someone’s tea collection can make a difference in their life and is not something people usually think of. This wonderful tea box is a perfect gift for tea fans that like their teabags easily accessible. 

Container for herbs, spices, or other small things

These containers are just the perfect addition to any eco-friendly household. If you’ve got this loved one that loves stylish storage options, get this container. 

These long-lasting jars can store herbs, spices, and other pantry supplies. It’ll go with any decor as it looks classic and clean.

Collapsible bamboo chopstick bowl

This bamboo bowl is rustic and great for pastries, bread, and fruits. It’s an excellent basket made in Japan.

It can serve as a napkin holder or even a yarn display. It’ll be a lovely addition to any home.

Living room ideas with bamboo

If you’re shopping for friends who love the living room, the ideas below will help you get them something they’ll enjoy. From cute coasters to amazing blankets and everything in between. These gifts are sure to make them smile.

Coaster sets

Did you get an invitation card to a new house warming party? These coasters are wonderful gift options. These are wood coasters used for tabletop protection. It will be a great addition to the coffee table or dining table. They’ll definitely stand out as unique gifts. 

Here, you’ll find three coaster sets. The first is on the funny side. It’s got the text “Don’t Fuck Up The Table.” These coasters will be perfect for a loved one with a great sense of humor. The other two are extremely beautiful as well!

Charcoal bags

These charcoal bags are a great present for bamboo enthusiasts. They eliminate harmful substances in the environment. These bags will help them live a healthier life and they’ll find this gift very beneficial. 

They last a long time and create the eco-friendly living room they dream of. It can even serve as a car air freshener and refrigerator deodorizer.

Colorful woven basket

You should also consider this basket. It’s so beautiful! It’s made of a 100% bamboo weave, so it’s super earth-friendly. The best part is that it’s a unique piece that is handwoven and the colors make the beautiful pattern stand out.


Make your friends and family members remember you for keeping them warm. This bamboo blanket is also a perfect gift for someone who loves to be comfy. It’s super breathable and made of 100% natural bamboo fiber. 

They’ll find this blanket very skin-friendly. This bamboo fiber blanket feels so soft and smooth to the touch. 

Their superior quality makes these blankets a perfect gift for anyone you love.

Wonderful bathroom ideas made of bamboo

These bathroom ideas are wonderful options. It’ll be great if you help the bamboo enthusiasts in your life get a better bathroom experience. 

Personalized tea light coasters

This is a luxury candle holder that’s crafted in Florida and is a great compliment for any relaxing bath. You can also gift this to an amazing friend or family member hosting a pool party for a beautiful decorative touch.

You can even get their names, a date, a short message, or whatever you like engraved on it.

Toothbrush & holder

Have family members or friends that are bamboo fans to the core? Help them get a change of toothbrush and surprise them with this premium toothbrush holder. It prevents mold as it has ventilation holes on all sides. 

It’s the perfect match for their bamboo toothbrushes. The holder is unique and simply beautiful. It’s water-resistant and will blend into any decor style, whether modern or farmhouse. 

There are a couple of toothbrush designs out there. Feel free to select what you think they’ll prefer. We brought the best to the table. You’ll find these items 100% eco-friendly. If they love nature, they’ll surely love this.

Bamboo shampoo

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for someone in your life who is passionate about their hair? Trust me, this bamboo shampoo will be a hit! This shampoo is made with real bamboo extract and it’ll help take care of their hair in the best way. 

It promotes healthy-looking and feeling hair. It also promotes the elasticity of hair strands. So if you’ve got a beauty enthusiast you can help them care for their hair and rejuvenate its luster.

Adorable bamboo fashion items

The gifts here are for bamboo enthusiasts that love fashion. You’ll find some options that are specifically for the ladies and some that are general. Either way, they are great fashion choices.

Bamboo purse or handbag

I guess you already know that bamboo is special and magical. So you want to give a bag made of magical bamboo to a special person. Any lady who appreciates high-quality accessories with an elegant, classic design will love this choice.

This handcrafted, eco-friendly purse is a unique, friendly, and classic gift for your friends and family members.


What’s special about bamboo sunglasses? In addition to being eco-friendly, they are also super stylish and unique. They make a perfect eco-friendly gift. 

The frame of these sunglasses is made with real, lightweight bamboo so they are extremely comfortable and strong at the same time. We discovered two adorable designs that stand out. 

The first is quite impressive as well. If you are in love with dark frames, it’ll be great for you. They’ve got various color options for the polarized lenses so they even offer protection in serious lighting conditions. Super special right? It’s so unique!

The second is the Mandala bamboo sunglasses, this one offers a classy design. You can even have your name or the names of your friends on the arm. 

It promotes healthy-looking and feeling hair. It also promotes the elasticity of hair strands. So if you’ve got a beauty enthusiast you can help them care for their hair and rejuvenate its luster.

Tote bag

These tote bags are made of the finest material- bamboo. This is a rewarding gift for a fine woman. These bags have amazing colors and are suitable for almost every outing. 

You will want to gift this beautiful piece of art to a lovely lady that adores nature. They can even try using it for flowers as a vase. We’ve brought you two awesome options, check them out!


These are 100% high-quality ponchos for classy women. Get the ladies something better, something natural. They’ll love this double-sided poncho. 

When you buy this, you’ll get the value of two! Each side of these ponchos have a different design. This will offer an item that can be worn with all kinds of things from her wardrobe. 

Help her dress better with comfort, style, and elegance. This cardigan poncho cape is multi-functional fall or winter wear for all occasions. It’s the ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

Bamboo-themed tech-gifts & office items

These are general gifts any bamboo lover or office dweller will appreciate. They are items we need for our everyday life. Your loved ones would find this gift classy, authentic, and useful.

Bamboo clock

This is an exclusive Dutch design clock perfect for any room. It makes a great gift for any occasion, and is an interior designer’s favorite.

It’s not just a normal clock. It’s got a premium flipping mechanism, is made with a luxury solid bamboo frame, and is a retro digital clock. So it uses words and not numbers. 

This timepiece can be mounted on the wall or placed on a tabletop. It’ll create a statement piece that looks cool but is also practical.

Laptop stand/desk

Get this for a friend who is always in front of the screen! The outstanding design of this laptop desk guarantees high quality and a healthier environment for their laptop. This laptop desk has a powerful heat dissipation ability and a wonderful hollow design.

It’ll not only serve as a laptop desk, but it’ll also come in handy as a serving desk, book tray, writing desk, and more. The tray top also has a super-adjustable addition. This amazing deskincludes a storage drawer, and foldable and extendable legs.

Phone cases for iPhone and Samsung

Are you thoughtful enough to help change a friend’s phone case? These bamboo phone cases are adorable and unique. Each of them is hand-printed using premium quality dye inks to create a unique and vibrant design. 

Guess what? You can even get them personalized. Although it’s got black rubber on all 4 sides of the case, the back is made of real bamboo wood! This would make a great gift for birthdays.

Phone stand

This simple yet useful phone holder is made out of natural bamboo. It is light, but strong enough to support your phone while you work, make a video, or watch a movie. This phone stand is an amazing addition to any desk, table, or wherever you would like your phone to stand out. 

These creative designs are guaranteed to keep getting compliments. And you don’t have to worry because it suits every phone. This unique bamboo phone dock is a perfect and cute gift for every occasion.

Oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser crafted with an exclusive bamboo outer shell will offer safety and quality. It’s got a waterless auto shut-off function, so it’ll auto shut-off once it runs out of water.  

With ultrasonic technology, it keeps the mist coming out smoothly. The water or oil will quickly diffuse into the air and be absorbed by our skin or body. This will make an amazing gift for any home.


This speaker combines the beauty of bamboo with the efficiency of solar panels to make it one of the most earth-friendly speakers on the market. This amazing wireless eco-friendly speaker has a one-year warranty!

On a sunny day, leave it outdoors and enjoy solar power. This amazing speaker also doubles as a portable charger for your mobile devices. You want to get this for a friend that loves music. It’ll make all the difference for them.

Bamboo gifts for outdoors & travels

Here, I’ve selected a few unique gifts that you might not usually consider for your travel-loving friends and family members. They are all beautiful and useful.


What’s the best gift for a nature lover that owns a garden? It’s this beehive! You’ll help your friend attract peaceful bees and enhance garden yields. It might sound messy to you, but it’s a wonderful adventure for a nature lover.

Plus, the kibaga beehive comes in a beautiful gift box, this is great for putting a smile on anyone’s face! It’s a wonderful requirement for every nature lover. 

Hang this beehive against a flat surface and enjoy the works of the bees on your flower as they flourish enormously. It also creates a lovely yard decoration – an unbeatable combination!

Bamboo tube steamer

This item is guaranteed to bring health and a hand in the kitchen to anyone who receives it. It’s a fine, delicate, and breathable, double-layer bamboo steamer. This method of steaming is healthy, since bamboo is rich in fiber which has water and oil holding characteristics.

Picnic table

This handy picnic table is a great option for people who love to enjoy the outdoor life. It’s made to be beautiful and durable. It’s constructed in a classy manner, with carved slots to hold a wine bottle and glasses. 

This portable table is the ideal partner for outdoor camping, picnic, sailing, boating, or even a good time at the beach. 

It’s perfect as a gift for a birthday, Valentine’s day, or a wedding party. This table is large enough to hold not just wine, and glasses, but also cheese, small desserts, or other preferred snacks. 

To conserve space, the alloy legs can be folded when not in use. This premium picnic table also includes a bottle opener. Its beautiful natural color will add spice to your loved one’s outdoor activities.


Is your loved one a beverage fan? Do they love to take their tea/drink around with them all throughout the day? Get your loved one this unique mug. 

A LeafLife bamboo tumbler will help satisfy the craving for wonderful beverages at any time of the day. It provides a lasting solution by achieving the maximum insulation possible, keeping drinks hot for up to 12 hours and icy cool for up to 24 hours.

This thermos is stylish and elegant. So it’ll keep your drinks the way you like them and complement your tabletops in the office or out and about. These bamboo tumblers are unique. They come in different patterns and no two mugs are made the same. These mugs make good gifts for any celebration!


Are you getting a gift for a teenage girl or boy? They’ll love this! Help them get their first skating experience or help add another board to their collection.

The kicktail cruiser is a great choice for both beginners and experts. It’s designed to show off the beautiful material (bamboo) of the deck while keeping a stylish look.

It doubles as a super functional board suitable for all sorts of riding styles. The deck is stable, making it safe to ride. The wheels have extra grip while turning, and rides super smoothly over rougher roads.