Bamboo Plant Care

Various bamboo culms side by side, some are green and some are brown and yellow

Why is my bamboo turning brown?

Bamboo plants are hardy but they also need some special care to stay healthy. Browning leaves can be a result of their normal life cycle or it is something more serious depending on bamboo species. Learn more here!

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Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?

Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?

If you are wondering why your bamboo leaves are turning yellow, don’t panic! Watching your bamboo plant leaves turn yellow can be alarming, but most of the time, it’s actually a normal occurrence. However, it could be that you don’t give your bamboo the required conditions it needs. Learn everything you need to know!

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Bamboo Plant Food

Most of the time when people talk about bamboo plant food, they’re talking about liquid fertilizer used on lucky bamboo plants. Real bamboo simply requires

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