Bamboo Species

Lucky Bamboos as an example for bamboo-like plants

5 Bamboo-Like Plants

There are several plants out there that are confused as bamboo or that act as “bamboo imposters”. Today, we thought we would go over some of the most common bamboo-like plants – just for the fun of it.

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Phyllostachys Humilis

Phyllostachys Humilis is one of the smallest bamboos in the genus Phyllostachys only growing 7-15 feet tall and a maximum of 1 inch in diameter.

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Pseudosasa Japonica Arrow Bamboo

Arrow Bamboo is unique for lots of reasons, one being that the Japanese literally use to make arrows out of this plant! A great option for those looking for a screen that’s not “too” high, it generally grows between 8-18 feet.

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Phyllostachys Aurea Koi

This collector bamboo has an extremely strange appearance caused by the plants nodes being stacked randomly. The cane color is yellow with green stripes.

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