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Bamboo Plants Melbourne

Melbourne has its own unique weather which makes finding bamboo plants in Melbourne at times a bit of a challenge. The first thing I would suggest to someone looking to find bamboo in the Melbourne area is to start locally. My sources tell me that there are a few places that sell bamboo plants right […]

Clumping Bamboo Plants

In the world of bamboo-clumping bamboo plants are often thought to be the “safest” option for those just beginning to look into bamboo. Personally, I love clumping bamboo, but I also love running bamboo and I definitely feel like there is a time and place in which running bamboo is actually a better choice than […]

Yellow bamboo plant

Bamboo plants come in a myriad of colors and one of those colors is yellow. Yellow bamboo plants are also sometimes also referred to as golden bamboo plants. Yellow bamboo plants can be found in many different species and come in clumping and running varieties. If you’re looking for a yellow bamboo plant I would […]

Bamboo Like Plant

There are several plants out there that are confused as bamboo or that act as “bamboo imposters”. Today, I’d thought we would go over some of the most common “bamboo like plant” plants –just for fun. Four plants commonly confused with bamboo Lucky bamboo Don’t ever mention lucky bamboo around a true bamboo nut (except […]

Fargesia Bamboo Plants

In the United States (and other places I’m sure) there a misconception about the “dangers” of planting bamboo. Most of the time this danger is non-existent, but there a reason that this conception has arisen. When running bamboo is planted and not maintained, or a barrier is not used, it can get out of control. […]

Mini Bamboo Plants

Few people realize that bamboo comes in so many sizes. Mini bamboo plants are not extremely popular, but they can be a great option for those seeking groundcovers. People often get bamboo and lucky bamboo mixed up, so if you’re looking for looking for that please check out our lucky bamboo plants page. Mini bamboo […]

Tall bamboo plants

Tall bamboo plants are frequently sought after by those wanting to make screens, hedges and to grow timber. In the world of bamboo, “tall” starts at around 25-30 feet and continues into the 50 foot or higher range. Many people looking for tall bamboo plants don’t realize the starting dimensions of these types of plants […]

red bamboo plant

Red bamboo plant

Quick Facts: Common Names: Red Dragon Clumping Maximum Height: 9 Feet Maximum diameter: 1 inch Zone: 5-9 (Tolerant to -20 degrees Fahrenheit-doesn’t do well in high heat and humidity). Light Requirements: Prefers mostly sunny environments, but not intense sunlight. What is the red bamboo plant? This plant is a very popular clumping bamboo that is […]

Bamboo Screening Plants

Looking for the perfect bamboo screening plants? You’re not alone, and as with all things bamboo related, finding the right species to plant can be confusing. The first thing you should know when looking for bamboo for screening is that the bamboo species preferable for hedges and screens are running bamboo species. This is because […]

Types of Bamboo Plants

As I’ve mentioned many times before, bamboo can be confusing because there are so many types of bamboo plants. I have explained before how the plants are separated, but I wanted to go into a little bit more detail and describe bamboo types more precisely and scientifically for those science nuts out there. 1. Genus […]