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Outdoor bamboo plants

Looking for Outdoor Bamboo Plants? Essentially all “real” bamboo plants are outdoor plants. There are a handful which can be grown inside, but in reality most prefer to be outdoors. Some people get lucky bamboo mixed up with “real” bamboo and it’s an honest mistake. Lucky bamboo is a succulent that should only be grown […]

Small Bamboo Plants

Bamboo Groundcover Anyone? Although most people think of bamboo being tall and vibrant it actually comes in many sizes. Small bamboo plants are typically considered anything under 8 feet tall, but on this post we’ll concentrate on cultivated plants under 5 feet tall. These are truly the smallest bamboo plants! Many people confuse bamboo and […]

Chinese Bamboo

Something I’ve seen mentioned and searched for a lot is Chinese bamboo. This strikes me as odd because all bamboo is thought to have originated from China. Yes, it does grow all over the world now, but there isn’t one species that can simply be called “Chinese bamboo”. It’s all Chinese bamboo! So, what are […]

Indoor Bamboo Plant

In most cases when people think about indoor bamboo they’re actually thinking of lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo is a great option for anyone seeking a minimal care plant. It does well in a warm indoor settings with minimal sunlight and can grow in water or soil. Despite its name, lucky bamboo is not actually bamboo, […]

Black Bamboo

Quick Facts: Other Common Names: Kurochiku Clumping or Running Maximum Height: 55 feet. (Most top out at 30 feet!) Maximum diameter: 3 ¼ inches (One inch is common) Zone: 7-10 (Tolerant to 5 degrees Fahrenheit). Light Requirements: Prefers mostly sunny environments. (But, not intense sun-think Pacific Northwest). What is Black Bamboo? Black bamboo gets its […]