Bamboo Species

Fargesia Rufa

Rufa is a short cold hardy bamboo that works great for decorative hedges and small screens. This is a vigorous clumping variety that will quickly fills in small areas.

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Red bamboo stems

Red Bamboo Plant

This bamboo got its name from the red color of new culms. The red bamboo plant, also known as Red Dragon, is a very easy clumping bamboo. Learn more about it here!

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Clumping Bamboo Plants

In the world of bamboo-clumping bamboo plants are often thought to be the “safest” option for those just beginning to look into bamboo. Personally, I

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Golden Bamboo stems with green leaves

Yellow bamboo plant

Bamboo plants come in a myriad of colors and one of those colors is yellow. Yellow bamboo plants are also sometimes also referred to as

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