Bamboo Species

Fargesia bamboo plants

Fargesia Bamboo Plants

In the United States (and other places I’m sure) there a misconception about the “dangers” of planting bamboo. Most of the time this danger is

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Mini Bamboo Plants

Few people realize that bamboo comes in so many sizes. Mini bamboo plants are not extremely popular, but they can be a great option for

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Tall bamboo plants

Tall bamboo plants are frequently sought after by those wanting to make screens, hedges and to grow timber. In the world of bamboo, “tall” starts

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Phyllostachys Bissetii Bamboo in a garden

Bamboo Screening Plants

Looking for the perfect bamboo screening plants? You’re not alone, and as with all things bamboo related, finding the right species to plant can be

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Golden Bamboo stems with green leaves

Outdoor bamboo plants

Looking for Outdoor Bamboo Plants? Essentially all “real” bamboo plants are outdoor plants. There are a handful which can be grown inside, but in reality

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Small Bamboo Plants

Bamboo Groundcover Anyone? Although most people think of bamboo being tall and vibrant it actually comes in many sizes. Small bamboo plants are typically considered

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Chinese Bamboo

Something I’ve seen mentioned and searched for a lot is Chinese bamboo. This strikes me as odd because all bamboo is thought to have originated

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Leaves of a lucky bamboo plant indoors

Indoor Bamboo Plant

FlickrIn most cases when people think about indoor bamboo they’re actually thinking of lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo is a great option for anyone seeking a

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Black Bamboo

Quick Facts: Other Common Names: Kurochiku Clumping or Running Maximum Height: 55 feet. (Most top out at 30 feet!) Maximum diameter: 3 ¼ inches (One

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