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Why Is My Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?

If you’re asking yourself “Why is my bamboo plant turning yellow?” Then this post is for you! First, be aware that in this post we’re talking about real bamboo plants, but we have written about lucky bamboo as well and you can read about that here! Watching you real bamboo plant leaves turn yellow can […]

Indoor bamboo plant care

Most people looking for indoor bamboo plant care are actually looking for how to care for lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo is fairly easy to take care of, but there are some things you can do to make sure your lucky bamboo plant thrives. 1. Establish the roots. If you’ve had your plant for a while […]

Bamboo Plant Food

Most of the time when people talk about bamboo plant food, they’re talking about liquid fertilizer used on lucky bamboo plants. Real bamboo simply requires fertilizer, lawn fertilizers work well since bamboo is in fact a grass, but you can learn more about bamboo fertilizer on the bamboo plant care page. As for lucky bamboo, […]

How to Care for a Bamboo Plant

Koala eating bamboo- Luckily we don’t have to try and revive this plant! Have you ever wondered how to care for a bamboo plant? Okay, maybe this post is just a wee bit redundant, but every time I write a post about caring for bamboo I realize that there is an endless amount of information. […]

Bamboo Plant Turning Yellow?

Is your lucky bamboo plant turning yellow? This is a common sign of lucky bamboo trouble. If you’re concerned about “real” bamboo plants check out  the how to plant bamboo page. Yellowing Leaves Back to the world of lucky bamboo- lucky bamboo can turn yellow for a variety of reasons. The number one reason though, […]

How to Take Care of a Bamboo Plant

How to Take Care of a Bamboo Plant Although I cover most of what you need to know about taking care of a bamboo plant on the bamboo plant care page, I thought I would create a short user-friendly guide that covers the absolute BASICS of taking care of bamboo. So here it is, “how […]