Category: Planting & Growing Bamboo

Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo seeds are a bit of an elusive thing. They are tricky to come by and tricky to grow. In fact, even experts will tell you that growing them is a bit of a chore! Bamboo typically flowers only once and during that one flowering the seeds are dropped. The seeds from the bamboo can […]

How to Grow Bamboo Plants

How to Grow Bamboo Plants Planting and caring for bamboo is relatively easy and I’ve written on that a lot. But, sometimes when people ask “how to grow bamboo”… I believe what they’re really asking is how to grow bamboo from seeds or from root balls. Seed Growing bamboo from seed should in my opinion […]

Bamboo Planter Box

Only certain bamboo will grow well in a planter box. As a general rule, if you plan on using a planter box for growing bamboo it’s best to pick a clumping bamboo species, although some small running species will grow okay in containers. A couple good clumping species include Phyllostachys nigra and Phyllostachys aurea. The […]

Bamboo Plants UK

Bamboo plants are grown and sold world-wide. In the UK bamboo can be found locally at nurseries, or through online retailers. As I always suggest, try and buy your bamboo locally before turning to an online shop. The reason for this is that by buying locally you will be able to learn how the plant […]