Chinese Bamboo

Something I’ve seen mentioned and searched for a lot is Chinese bamboo. This strikes me as odd because all bamboo is thought to have originated from China. Yes, it does grow all over the world now, but there isn’t one species that can simply be called “Chinese bamboo”. It’s all Chinese bamboo!

So, what are people looking for? Do they wish to separate “real” bamboo from lucky bamboo? Or are they simply looking for species that originates from China? I can’t be sure, but I think it’s probably the latter. If you’re one of those people then I would suggest you take a look around and research various bamboo species. Some popular species include black bamboo, giant bamboo, and golden bamboo. You’ll also need to learn about the root types, height and cold tolerance to determine which plant is going to grow best for you! To learn more about choosing the right species of plant check out our bamboo plants for sale page.

If you’re the former, you may be looking for information about lucky bamboo. Lucky bamboo is treasured by the Chinese as a Feng Shui fix. Ironically, it isn’t related to the bamboo plants that originated in China. Don’t be alarmed though, we love it just as much as you do! In fact, you can learn more about growing lucky bamboo on our lucky bamboo plant page.

A Third Option?

Curiously, the Chinese bamboo inquires might not be about bamboo or lucky bamboo. There is something called the Chinese bamboo tree. The story goes…

Once upon a time there was a farmer that planted a small seed that he hoped would turn into a Chinese bamboo tree. The tree was planted and the farmer watered and fertilized the seeds religiously.  A year goes by and the farmer goes out to his field.  He looks where the seeds were planted and finds nothing.  Even so, he once again dedicates himself to watering and fertilizing the ground where the seeds are. Another year goes by and still nothing happens. He does this again and again.  Five years he does this diligently, watering and fertilizing the seemingly barren ground.  The fifth year, the plant shoots from the ground and grows and grows.  By the end of a month it’s  60 feet tall!   Another two weeks and it’s 90 feet tall!

The story is used to illustrate perseverance, patience, faith, and determination. It’s a great story…but I believe that’s all it is, a story.

My inquiring mind went to search for these amazing Chinese bamboo seeds and I couldn’t find more information other than the story, but I reckon that this might be what people are looking for when they search or inquire about Chinese bamboo. But, even if it isn’t, hopefully some of you can be inspired by the idea of the Chinese bamboo tree!

So, what do you think? Did you find information that aligned with what you were looking for? Since I was slightly perplexed about this subject, I would love it if you would take some time to contact us and let us know what you were looking for in regards to this subject!

Until the next post!

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