Clumping Bamboo Plants

In the world of bamboo-clumping bamboo plants are often thought to be the “safest” option for those just beginning to look into bamboo. Personally, I love clumping bamboo, but I also love running bamboo and I definitely feel like there is a time and place in which running bamboo is actually a better choice than clumping bamboo. If you want to learn more about my thoughts on that click here bamboo plant care.

What are clumping bamboo plants?

Clumping bamboo plants are those species in which sprouts from the parent end up next to the parent plant. The roots of clumping bamboo are a “U” shape and that enables the plants to do this. Running bamboo plants on the other hand, can spread great length away from the parent plant and put up sprouts all over. In this way, clumping bamboo plants are not aggressive spreaders like many running bamboo plants are. This is also the reason clumping bamboo is considered “safer” and in many cases is more desired than running plants. At the same time though, clumping bamboo plants may not be ideal for hedges and screens because they do take longer to fill in and spread.

Popular Clumping Plants:

Below I’ve listed the most popular genres. Each genre listed below has many species. For example one species from the genre Fargesia is murielae. If you were looking at this plant in a nursery, it would read Fargesia murielae. Most of the time each genre will have specific attribute-such as cold hardiness, but each individual species will also have its own attributes, such as unique colors or leaf shapes. I always suggest people buy local and if you do the owner of the nursery should be able to tell you what the bamboo attributes are that you are interested in.


Top Clumping Genres










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