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15 Creative Ways To Recycle Or Reuse Bamboo Pillows

No matter how much you care for your bamboo pillows, there’ll come a time when they’ll start getting bumpy and losing their firmness. Now, you’ll have to get new ones. But what do you do with your old bamboo pillows?

Are they entirely useless because they can no longer provide you the adequate support you need for a good night’s rest? Not at all! Old bamboo pillows are more useful than you may think. In fact, there are several ways you can reuse or recycle your bamboo pillows.

You can consider creating DIY floor cushions, pet beds, or you can even use them in the garden. Here you’ll discover 15 creative ways to make the most out of your old pillows and keep them out of the trash can.

Why you shouldn’t throw your bamboo pillows in the trash

I’m sure you’ve been wondering why you just can’t throw your bamboo pillows in the trash. Well, dumping your pillows in the garbage is simply not the most eco-friendly option. It’s even against the law in certain cities.

The truth is, whenever you throw items like pillows in the garbage, they’ll end up in landfills. This will add to the ever-increasing waste on the planet. Plus, several insects breed on them making them a threat to environmental health.

Although bamboo pillows are more natural and eco-friendly, you should consider the fact that the production process, as well as the pillow coverings, are not entirely free from chemicals. When these materials begin to decompose, they can harm the environment.

Just like mattresses and many other bedroom materials, bamboo pillows should not be thrown in the trash. A more eco-friendly choice is to recycle your bamboo pillows, and there are several ways to do just that.

You can either create something for yourself, or you can use a professional service that has been established to keep pillows and other textiles out of landfills. Recycling doesn’t only make the environment healthier, it also gives your pillow a new life.

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Can you compost a bamboo pillow?

Yes, you can use your bamboo pillow filling to make great compost for your plants. If it’s fully made of bamboo, this stuffing is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

You can simply put the filling directly onto the soil. Don’t put all of them in at once, and don’t expect them to compost immediately. They’ll take some time.

You can add up leaves and vegetable scraps as well, and in 6-10 months you’ll have a rich compost for your plants. The filling will break down nicely and it’ll help to keep your plants growing.

Note: Make sure to check the material before adding it to your compost! Not all bamboo pillows are made of 100% bamboo fibers.

How to repurpose your bamboo pillow

Isn’t it an amazing idea to give your old bamboo pillows a new life that’ll benefit you even more? I’m sure it will, and I hope you find the perfect way to put your old bamboo pillow to use here.

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1. Use your old bamboo pillows while working in the garden or around your house

Old bamboo pillows can serve as knee pads when working in the garden or around your home. While planting your vegetables or doing some other tasks, simply put them down as a cushion. Instead of spending money on a new knee pad, you can simply repurpose an old pillow.

2. Use old bamboo pillows to create nice beds for your pets

If you’ve got pets at home, buying fancy beds for them can be expensive. A better option is to create nice beds for them using your old pillows. Bamboo pillows are anti-bacterial and they make the perfect beds for your pets. This is an amazing way of reusing your pillows and cutting costs.

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3. Create floor cushions with your old bamboo pillows

If you’ve got a bunch of pillows to repurpose, you could make several floor cushions with them. They make an amazing addition to playrooms or sitting rooms for any occasion. You’ll just need to sew a cover for them that’ll match your decor or use a floor cushion cover that is already made.

4. Use old bamboo pillows to block drafty doors and windows

Another great way to reuse your old bamboo pillows is to place them right in front of drafty doors to obstruct airflow. These drafts can be a problem for your AC and heater, causing you to waste more energy. You can even create longer draft blockers by using the stuffing inside of a longer casing.

5. Protect delicate items with your old bamboo pillows

Before you toss an old pillow in the bin, think of how useful it can be to protect fragile things. When shipping or traveling with delicate items that could drift and get broken, use them as packing filler.

You can put the entire pillow in the package or simply fill the box with the stuffing. Even if you’re moving and you’ve got large fragile items like glass furniture, your old pillows can help out in the van to protect them properly.

6. Use old pillows to strengthen fairly used ones

If you’ve got some other pillows around the house that are fairly used and starting to lose their fluffiness, you can simply strengthen them by stuffing them with the filling of older ones. This will make the pillow a bit more firm and last you longer.

7. Turn your old bamboo pillowcases into rags

If you’ve used the stuffing of your pillow, you don’t have to throw the cover in the trash. You can turn the cover of it into rags by cutting them into square pieces. They’ll be more useful as cleaning rags than breeding grounds for insects.

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8. Donate your old bamboo pillows

I’m sure you are wondering if anyone would need your worn-out bamboo pillows. While most stores wouldn’t accept them, giving them to a homeless shelter may not be your best option either.

If they are still in fair shape, you can consider donating them to a local animal shelter or a wildlife rehab center. Some of these places accept such donations, as they normally use them to create beds for animals.

If you’ve got a textile recycling facility close to you, you can find out if they accept bamboo pillows as well. Wash your pillows before taking them there and ensure they don’t have many holes, lumps, or stains.

9. Make throw pillows

If you are a big fan of throw pillows, you can use your old pillows to create new ones for your home. You simply need to compress the filling and turn them into any shape you desire. This makes an amazing DIY project. You can get impressive covers from the store and turn them into a travel-size pillow or sew one yourself.

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10. Use old pillows for insulation

You can store your old pillows to use as insulation for certain situations. You can use it as insulation for your pipes, hot water tanks, attic, and around your bathtubs. They make great insulation and stop your pipes from freezing.

11. Make new dolls and retouch old ones with bamboo pillows

You can use the stuffing of your old pillow to restore your old dolls. You just need to remove some of the stuffing and add it to your favorite doll, or completely replace what’s there.

This will make your doll firm and new again. If you’re very creative, you can even get a variety of fabrics and maybe some old dresses and fabrics to create new dolls for the kids. They’ll surely love it!

12. Use old pillows for camping adventures

You can use your fairly old pillows instead of taking the normal bedroom pillows on camping trips. This way, you get to keep your normal pillows safe from getting dirty, and stay comfortable.

13. Use old pillows to make new bean bags and restore old ones

Bean bags are quite expensive. If you’ve got a few of them that are not as firm as before, you can use your old pillow stuffing to restore their plumpness and extend their lifespan. However, you’ll have to make sure that the filling of your pillow suits the bean bag stuffing.

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If you love to get a bit crafty, you can try to create new bean bags. You can decide the color and material that suits your decor, and it costs you less.

14. Use old pillows for Halloween outfits

If you make your Halloween costumes yourself, the stuffing of your old pillows can help you make an impressive elephant or pumpkin costume that’ll stand out. So make sure to save them even if you don’t need them right away.

15. Create potholders and oven gloves

You know how light towels can be ineffective as pot holders, won’t it be nice if you used your old pillows to create effective oven gloves and potholders? You can use the stuffing to create inner layers for your thick oven gloves and pot holders, then cut out old shirts and use them as the lining. It may require a bit of sewing, but it will look great and last a while.

Have you found the perfect idea to repurpose your bamboo pillows? Let us know! Do you have any other uses for old pillows that are not mentioned here? Share your ideas in the comments!
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