Artificial/ fake bamboo in a planter box

Fake bamboo plants

fake bamboo plantsFake bamboo plants are useful when you can’t use real bamboo for whatever reason. Fake bamboo plants can be used indoors in lieu of real bamboo which doesn’t do well inside. It could also be used to decorate special events. I’ve written an article about artificial bamboo and using it indoors, but I thought I would write a follow up on fake bamboo plants that can be used outdoors as well. Normally, I don’t jump on the fake plant band wagon, but in some cases they are useful. So, here we go! If you like the fake bamboo plant from the featured image, here is the product.

Ideas of when to use fake bamboo plants:

1. Business Owners for Decorating 2. Outside Rentals 3. Weddings 4. Baby Showers 5. Churches There is only one company that seems to sell UV resistant bamboo plants for outside decorations and that is this one. Another option for services like weddings would be plant rentals, which can be found with a simple Google search. If you think you might be interested in planting real bamboo check out the bamboo plant care page to see the requirements (really it’s not that hard). Artificial bamboo is cool because it gives the allure of real bamboo without having to research, plant and take care of real bamboo. Growing bamboo indoors can also be a challenge for anyone and I would actually go as far as to say that getting artificial bamboo is a wiser choice…Especially for those with no bamboo growing experience. Now, let’s pretend I didn’t say that and move on to my artificial bamboo recommendations. Before I begin though, let me say that as of yet I haven’t purchased an artificial bamboo plant. I did my research on the companies that make them and the quality of the plant and I’m listing them as such. Also note that some of the following are affiliate links which means I will get a small commission if you decide to purchase any of them, but it doesn’t change the price for you- it does help me keep writing and creating content though! I only recommend products that I think are “the best” and in this case, Nearly Natural seems to have won out as you’ll see below. 1. For black bamboo I would recommend Nearly Natural Black Bamboo Silk Tree. It’s appears to be quite stunning at 6.5 feet tall with black stalks. It also apparently has over 1700 silk leaves which help to make it look more real.
2. For bamboo with a golden/light brown stalk I would recommend Nearly Natural 5191 Big Bamboo Silk Tree, 7-Feet, Green. It’s 7 feet tall with light and dark bamboo leaves. I like this one because the leaf color is similar to real bamboo as some are yellowing and falling off.
3. My third recommendation is Nearly Natural Bambusa Bamboo . This is a five foot bamboo plant with very bright colors. It might be best for someone looking to brighten up a room. Didn’t see one that fit your fancy? Well, you could attempt real bamboo, but before you do make sure you check out the bamboo plant care page to make sure you’re up to the work required.

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