Fargesia Rufa


Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’

Type: Clumping

Average Height: 10 Feet

Average diameter: 1/2 Inch

Zone: 5-9 (Hardy to -15 degrees Fahrenheit-will not survive in high heat/humidity)

Light Requirements: Sun or Shade

Best Use: Clumping, Decoration, Small Hedge/Screen



Rufa is a short cold hardy bamboo that works great for decorative hedges and small screens.  This is a vigorous clumping variety that will quickly fills in small areas. New Rufa canes are green with red sheathes making it a great addition to your garden.  A benefit of Rufa is that its leaves don’t curl in the sun and it’s quiet hardy.


One Comment

  • I am interested in purchasing Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’ from a local farm. Or as close to Gerogia ( US) as possible. Need several plants to fill a ditch at the front of my property. Not in a rush to plant. It gets cold here. Already have dozens of Leland Cypress on back and side of property. I want something different to block my home from the road.


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