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The Meaning of Lucky Bamboo – A Feng Shui House Plant

Feng shui enthusiasts use plants to balance inner energies and attract good things in life. You can’t deny that Lucky Bamboo is adorable and a great Feng shui cure.

I’m sure you have seen them or at least heard of them. Lucky Bamboo is one of the most common house plants kept in a glass vase. They are a great gift and will do well in any arrangement. You can send different messages by choosing from the various numbers of stalks.

Lucky Bamboo is a special house plant with meaning. It is a powerful tool to attract wealth, abundance, prosperity, and better health. You want to know how? Keep reading!

What have plants got to do with Feng Shui?

Plants are one of the most common Feng Shui remedies. Why is this so? Very simple: plants and Feng Shui are great allies. They symbolize the element of wood and many Feng Shui house plants represent wealth and prosperity.

Fresh, plentiful, and healthy plants can help increase your prosperity and improve your life. You might not understand this if you’ve never heard of Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a practice of balancing the energies in your space. The balance of energies in your space can bring you good luck, happiness, wealth, fortune, long life, good health, and a lot more. Do you believe this?

Taking a deeper approach to understanding this, the Feng Shui practices of balancing energies are not entirely wrong.

There is no doubt, plants that are often used for feng shui can naturally improve your health, life span, and the beauty of your environment. In turn, good health and long life can account for prosperity and wealth in your life. Do you understand this?

Back to what plant’s got to do with Feng Shui, plants are often used as Feng Shui cures. They provide elements that help to balance the energy in your space. You can place your plants in specific areas of your house or office to attract luck and prosperity.

If you are looking to have a Feng Shui home, plants are a must. In addition to helping us attract good energy and protect us, they improve the air and balance the environment by reducing stress.

Plants in poor conditions generate bad energy, so you must recycle them. Lucky Bamboo is a house plant used for Feng Shui remedy. So, let’s find out what makes Lucky Bamboo so special.

Feng Shui arrangement with a mini Buddha garden on a table

What’s the meaning of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo has nothing to do with bamboo. It’s part of the Dracaena genus and precisely called Dracaena sanderiana.

Lucky Bamboo, however, looks a lot like real bamboo. So, don’t judge yourself for presuming this house plant is a bamboo plant.

Lucky bamboo is usually tied with a red ribbon and grouped together. These stalks are arranged to represents different things.

Make your wish – What’s the meaning behind the number of stalks

You must have a desire in your mind. Think about it! Because it’s time for you to make your wish with a Lucky Bamboo stalk number. There’s more to it than merely keeping any arrangement of Lucky Bamboo in your house. It’s got to be intentional!

You must have seen some Lucky Bamboo stalks placed together and neatly kept in a vase. They are grouped together to attract some positive energy.

The number of stalks of the Lucky Bamboo has unique meanings according to the traditions. It is also very important to know if you give this Feng Shui plant as a gift. You don’t want to send the wrong message.

If you’ve been wondering what the Lucky Bamboo stalks mean, you’ll find that here:

One stalk is for growth

Is the growth of your business/career the most important thing to you right now? Did someone just start a new career path or business? You just need one stalk to bring positive growth juju into the working space. Lucky Bamboo is a perfect gift for special colleagues and companies, as it promises to keep the company growing.

Two need the two-stemmed Lucky Bamboo of love

Lucky Bamboo with two stalks represents love. Keep your love burning with this Feng Shui house plant in your home. It is an ideal gift for couples or people looking to find love. It’s often already shaped into a heart.

Two Lucky Bamboo stalks shaped into a heart
Source: Flickr

Three stalks keep you happy and successful in your long life

You hardly hear prayers without these three wishes. In the Chinese language, three stalks of Lucky Bamboo are Fu, Lu, Soh which means happiness, wealth, and long life. This house plant is perfect for you if these three wishes mean a lot to you and it’s, of course, a great gift. Who wouldn’t like these three things?!

Four stalks for a death wish

Who wishes to die? Sounds unthinkable, right? Chinese believe that four is the unlucky number. I guess you do not want to die, so you should avoid the four-stemmed Lucky Bamboo like it’s a virus. You don’t want it anywhere around the house, giving it as a present would seem weird too.

Five stalks enrich five crucial areas of your life

Your emotional strength, intuitions, mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual growth are much more crucial than you can imagine. Imagine the five stalks in a corner of your home caring for these wishes.

You need six stalks to attract luck and wealth

If the stalks of your Lucky Bamboo are six, then the doors of luck and wealth are opened. Do great fortune and massive wealth sound like your dream? Get this house plant!

Six Lucky Bamboo stalks in a white pot with black background

Seven healthy stalks of Lucky Bamboo

If health means a lot to you right now, you should probably consider getting a Lucky Bamboo with seven stalks. If you have someone that suffers from an illness, give this plant. It’ll set the foundation for a healthy atmosphere to recover.

Eight stalks for fertility

Eight stalks of the house plant bring fertility.  Why? In Chinese, the word eight sounds like growth. The 8-stemmed Lucky Bamboo brings luck for aspiring parents.

Eight Lucky Bamboo stalks beautifully shaped in a woven pattern

Learn how to shape your Lucky Bamboo plant here!

Nine stalks bring luck to the owner

How many stalks are needed for good luck? You need nine Lucky Bamboo stalks for good luck. It can bring incredible luck and blessings to you.

Ten stalks for a fulfilled life

Imagine your perfect life in a picture! Complete, with everything you desire, right? This is what the ten-stalk Lucky Bamboo arrangement offers. The wish is that you find your perfect life and anyone who gives you such as a gift wants you to have everything in life as you imagine and desire it.

The power of the 21 stalks

This number represents a powerful blessing. You could send your best wishes of wealth, abundance, and good health to your friends with a Lucky Bamboo of 21 stalks.

How is Lucky Bamboo used for Feng Shui? Is the Lucky Bamboo lucky?

This magnificent plant is associated with Feng Shui art as a bearer of happiness and a symbol of good luck. It is even called Lucky Bamboo or bamboo luck! There are several reasons why it is considered lucky.

First, this plant can thrive in the most unfavorable conditions where other plants would not survive. It refers to true happiness as a matter of inner feelings, you don’t need a lot to be happy. You can be so lucky thriving anywhere like the Lucky Bamboo.

Second, according to Feng Shui, you can use a potted Lucky Bamboo to get rid of the influence of negative energy at home or in the office.

This house plant inspires tranquility and balance in our home while teaching us the wisdom that we must be flexible and resistant to the effects of the outside world so that our minds remain free and precise.

Lucky Bamboo brings a lot of joy to the eye, but also a lot of elegance to your interior. Aside from being super pretty, Lucky Bamboo can be a very pleasant gift for our loved ones when we run out of ideas during the holidays!

The plant is considered one of the oldest lucky charms of humanity. It is a symbol of happiness, health, success, and wealth.

In China and Thailand, Lucky Bamboo is a perfect gift for loved ones on New Year or other major holidays.

The origin of this tradition still remains in Feng Shui – the doctrine that one must be surrounded by natural elements in order to achieve inner balance.

A Lucky Bamboo plant in a pot decorated in a specific way can offer us the interaction with all the five basic elements – earth, water, wood, fire, and metal.

In addition, it has a healing effect by limiting the impact of negative energy.

Lucky bamboo plants in different arrangements and the text: What's the meaning of Lucky Bamboo?

Do you want to get lucky? Make the best use of your Lucky Bamboo!

If you want to get all the luck this house plant has to offer, then you have to use the Feng Shui arrangement. There are just five elements that make the magic happen.

Wood: You don’t have to worry about this! Your Lucky Bamboo represents the wood element already.

Water: There is no way you could leave the water out. Plants need water to grow. With Lucky Bamboo, it’s even easier. It can grow just in water without soil.

Earth: Don’t forget the beautiful rocks or pebbles. Place them at the bottom of your container. Opt for natural rocks, the more natural, the better. So avoid using synthetic stones.

Fire: You might want to think of the fire element as a red ribbon. Ever seen the lucky bamboo tied with a red ribbon? You now realize now that it has an essence. The red ribbon stands for the fire in the Feng Shui remedy.

Metal: You don’t want to leave out this element. You can get the metal element easily. Simply add you’re lucky coin to the Lucky Bamboo vase or use a glass container with a metallic luster.

You see how easy it is to balance all elements? That’s why Lucky Bamboo is the perfect Feng Shui house plant!

Lucky Bamboo needs your love too!

You want the Lucky Bamboo to give you some luck, then you need to show it some love! Don’t be scared to touch your pretty house plant. It’s beautiful! Why won’t you touch it every morning?

Your lucky bamboo loves light, show it some light but don’t put it in the full sun.

Ah! The water, if you care for your feng shui lucky bamboo, you should change the water in its vase every two or three weeks. Also, make sure the water in the vase covers the roots of your lucky house plant.

 You see, taking care of your lucky bamboo is easy! I told you. Ok, I didn’t tell you, but now you know!

Here are more care tips for your Lucky Bamboo plant!

Who doesn’t want to get lucky every day? I bet everyone wants some good luck every now and then. Lucky Bamboo is a perfect gift for your friends, partner, and, of course, you! Go out there, get yourself some more luck with the perfect number of Lucky Bamboo stalks.

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