How to Care for a Bamboo Plant

Koala eating bamboo- Luckily we don’t have to try and revive this plant!

Have you ever wondered how to care for a bamboo plant?

Okay, maybe this post is just a wee bit redundant, but every time I write a post about caring for bamboo I realize that there is an endless amount of information. In past posts I tried to cover everything which sucks the fun out of growing bamboo!
So, in this post I just want to go over the absolute basic basics of growing bamboo. After all, bamboo is most known for its ability to take over everything. Why should we over-complicate its care?

Most important factor to consider?

Knowing the species that you’re planting.

Yep, this is the number one important factor when you’re considering bamboo plant care.
The reason for this, is that there are too many species to give you a step-by-step healthy plant plan that will encompass all of them and I’m afraid that is what I’ve tried to do in the past. Knowing what the species will allow you to determine some key factors, such as sun, water, humidity and fertilizer requirements. Feeling like there should be more? Well, there is, but it truly is individualistic! That being said, here are some general guidelines for your bamboo plants.

General Guidelines

1. Plant in soil that drains well or amend soil as needed.
2. Water abundantly. If soil drains well, you can’t overwater.
3. Make sure plant gets adequate sun for its species.

This is pretty much it! If you’re feeling underwhelmed and want to learn more about caring for your bamboo plant feel free to check out our bamboo plant care page and our bamboo plants for sale page. These pages will give you in-depth information about how to find the right species, pick out a healthy plant and provide you with all the nitty gritty, overly detailed information about bamboo care.

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