How to Take Care of a Bamboo Plant

How to Take Care of a Bamboo Plant

how to care for a bamboo plantAlthough I cover most of what you need to know about taking care of a bamboo plant on the bamboo plant care page, I thought I would create a short user-friendly guide that covers the absolute BASICS of taking care of bamboo. So here it is, “how to take care of a bamboo plant”  a simple, straight forward guide to caring for that crazy grass in your back yard!


water dripWater is important to all plants, but especially to bamboo which a rainforest plant. It’s important to water bamboo several times a week when first planted and at least a couples times a week after the three month transplanting period. If you have well-draining soil you really can’t over water-so don’t worry about that. Instead, focus your energy on making sure your plant seems healthy. If your intuition tells you that it’s doing decent or good then you’re doing something right. Bamboo isn’t a mystery plant it’s fairly straight forward and not a big fusser! If you start to see the leaves begin to curl you should water more regularly or for longer periods of time.


SunlightYou can’t really control the sun itself, but you can control the amount of sunlight your plant gets if you feel this is a necessity. Various bamboo plants have various sun requirements, but if your plant starts to turn brown or seems to lack vigor and you suspect the sun to be a culprit simply set up a sun barrier and see if the plant does any better. Something like this will work great!


Bamboo is a vigorous plant on its own, but if you feel the need to fertilize do so in the winter (early spring) after your last hard frost. If you chose to, you can fertilize a couple more times in the spring and summer. With bamboo more fertilizer is not better so use it sparingly. Look for liquid lawn type fertilizer products like Urban Farm Fertilizer or Miracle-Gro Lawn Food . Remember bamboo is a grass, there is no need to over complicate its care.


The best thing to do, besides the above, is to remember that most bamboo will grow fairly well in most conditions. If you start to see your plant start to wilt, turn yellow, or the leaves begin to curl, than you know you have a problem. But I would say these cases are rather rare and you should deal with them as you come across them!

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