bamboo plants

Bamboo Palm Plant

Chamaedora erumpens, or the bamboo palm plant is a lovely palm that has a slight resemblance to “real” bamboo plants. Like lucky bamboo, the bamboo palm is a tropical plant that does best in warm humid conditions. Also like lucky bamboo it grows well in indirect light and areas with low light conditions. Many people […]

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

Luckily, lucky bamboo plant care is fairly easy. This guide was created to help you learn the basics and effectively take cares of your plants. You Brought Your Plant Home-Now What? Most people buy lucky bamboo at retail stores without a lot of planning. These stores typically bundle the roots into a plastic container full […]

Bamboo Plant Food

Most of the time when people talk about bamboo plant food, they’re talking about liquid fertilizer used on lucky bamboo plants. Real bamboo simply requires fertilizer, lawn fertilizers work well since bamboo is in fact a grass, but you can learn more about bamboo fertilizer on the bamboo plant care page. As for lucky bamboo, […]

Cheap Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants are not typically cheap. In fact, they can be downright expensive! Knowing this, I thought it would be fun to put together a guide for finding and obtaining cheap bamboo plants! What you should know before you go cheap Cheap and free always sound good, but buying cheap plants does come with some […]

Outdoor bamboo plants

Looking for Outdoor Bamboo Plants? Essentially all “real” bamboo plants are outdoor plants. There are a handful which can be grown inside, but in reality most prefer to be outdoors. Some people get lucky bamboo mixed up with “real” bamboo and it’s an honest mistake. Lucky bamboo is a succulent that should only be grown […]

Small Bamboo Plants

Bamboo Groundcover Anyone? Although most people think of bamboo being tall and vibrant it actually comes in many sizes. Small bamboo plants are typically considered anything under 8 feet tall, but on this post we’ll concentrate on cultivated plants under 5 feet tall. These are truly the smallest bamboo plants! Many people confuse bamboo and […]

Artificial Bamboo Plants

Well, the first thing I want to say is that I’m sort of disappointed that you’re interested in artificial bamboo plants over real bamboo plants. I understand though, it isn’t always practical to have real bamboo indoors (or out for that matter). Ok, so I’m not bamboo, I’m a ficus. I still look pretty good […]

Where to buy bamboo plants

Have you been wondering where to buy bamboo plants? Buying bamboo plants can be a confusing adventure. For one thing, you have to figure out what species you want. The best way of doing this is to determine the plants purpose. Do you want timber bamboo, a hedge, groundcover? Knowing this will allow you to […]

Bamboo Plants UK

Bamboo plants are grown and sold world-wide. In the UK bamboo can be found locally at nurseries, or through online retailers. As I always suggest, try and buy your bamboo locally before turning to an online shop. The reason for this is that by buying locally you will be able to learn how the plant […]

Bamboo House Plant

The last time I wrote about bamboo house plants I wrote mainly about “real” bamboo plants that can be grown inside. But this time, I thought I would go ahead and use the ambiguous term “bamboo house plant” to describe lucky bamboo, since I believe this is what most people are searching for. If you […]