Phyllostachys Humilis

Quick Facts:

Other Common Names:-

Type: Running

Average Height: 10 feet.

Average diameter: Less than 1″ inch

Zone: 6-10 (Hardy to 5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Shade or Sun (spreads aggressively in sunlight)

Best Use: Privacy Screening, Fences, Low Maintenance


Phyllostachys Humilis is one of the smallest bamboos in the genus Phyllostachys only growing 7-15 feet tall and a maximum of 1 inch in diameter. With that being said, this is a great bamboo for those looking for screens or fences who don’t want (or can’t have) super tall bamboo. Short but mighty, it makes dense and robust screen that will still provide you with the coverage you want, without the height. Humilis is a low maintenance green colored bamboo that tends to have a blue  color on the underside of new leaves.

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