Phyllostachys Nigra Black Bamboo

Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Black Bamboo

Type: Running

Average Height: 30 Feet

Average diameter: 2  inch

Zone: 7-8 (Hardy to 5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun, Very Partial Shade

Best Use: Privacy Screening,  Ornamental, Decorative, Container


Black bamboo is an extremely popular bamboo used a lot in decoration and light wood work.  It’s also considered to be a great garden center piece as the black culms contrast beautifully with the green leaves. It grows best in zones 7 and 8.  Although, some people have had fairly good success in zone 6.  Canes start out green upon emerging and turn black within the first two years. Given the time, you should get a true black. Although this is a running species that can be used for a screen, it isn’t a good screen for areas with lots of wind or dry wind.  As Black bamboo grows it does have a tendency to bend or arch, especially in the shade.  This can be exasperated by wind. Keeping your black bamboo pruned can help keep it erect.

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