Phyllostachys nigra Henon

Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Henon and Giant Gray

Type: Running

Average Height: 65 Feet

Average diameter: 4.5  inch

Zone: 6-10 (Hardy to -5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun or Shade

Best Use: Privacy Screening,  Ornamental, Decorative, Timber, Woodworking


Henon is a HUGE beautiful bamboo species known not only for its timber qualities, but also for its ability to form screens. Gray works best as a screen when your desire is to block out things over 6 feet high because that is where it develops a thick dense foliage.  Below six feet the the canes don’t grow close enough together provide complete coverage. With that being said, if you already have a fence this bamboo might enable you to add some esthetic property to the fence itself, while blocking out the neighbors house that shows over the fence.  For those types of purposes Gray can be a gorgeous screen.  As its name suggests, the canes of Gray are gray in color (although they start green, so don’t be alarmed if they sprout up green). The combination of gray canes and green foliage provide beautiful contrast to any garden! Some benefits of choosing Henon over other timber species include the fact that it’s drought resistant, can tolerate poor soil and shade and is a low maintenance bamboo. It’s also a great choice for wood applications if you plan on harvesting it.

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