Phyllostachys Nuda

Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Nude Sheath Bamboo

Type: Running

Average Height: 30 Feet

Average diameter: 1  Inch

Zone: 5-10 (Hardy to -15 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun or Shade

Best Use: Cold Hardy, Wood Working, Wood Craft, Edible Shoots,


The roots of Nuda can survive to -20 F which makes it one of the most cold hardy of all the running bamboo species. Canes are a dark green, which white inter nodes,and the sheath is gray or dark red in color which gives it some contrast.  Foliage is of course green. Although not officially recommended for zones lower than five, some plants of this species have survived well in zone four where temperatures reached -30 F. In zone five, established plants will remain evergreen, but in colder weather expect to see foliage drop and possibly cane damage.

NOTE: The colder the climate the smaller this bamboo is.  Bamboo grown in zone 5 should have an average height of only 10 feet as opposed to bamboo grown in zone 7 which has an average height of over 30 feet.

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