Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis


Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Aureocaulis, Golden Vivax, Green Stripe Vivax

Type: Running

Average Height: 45 Feet

Average diameter: 4 Inches

Zone: 6-10 (Hardy to -5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun or Partial Shade

Best Use: Very Rare, Collectors Bamboo, Cold Hardy, Ornamental, Decorative,


Phyllostachys Vivax Aureocaulis is a rare collector species that hasn’t been in the US for very long.  Because of this, sources of this plant can be sketchy and you definitely want to buy from a reputable grower.  Aureocaulis is sought after because of its decorative and ornamental properties.  The canes are a yellow/golden color with green stripes occasionally present. The leaves are a vibrant green that sometimes have a white striping on them.  This truly is a magnificent bamboo species, but the availability of such species is VERY limited and they do go QUICKLY.

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