Phyllostachys Vivax


Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Chinese Timber Bamboo

Type: Running

Average Height: 40 Feet

Average diameter: 3 Inch

Zone: 6-10 (Hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Sun or Partial Shade

Best Use: Timber, Coastal Areas, Woodcraft, Edible Shoots, Fast Growing


With similar appearance to Japanese Timber Bamboo, Phyllostachys Vivax is a commonly sought after species with large dark green leaves and cream colored culms.  This is a relatively cold tolerant plant that can handle temperatures down to 0, and in some cases has been known to survive with no damage down to -5F and even -10 F.  Because of the thin walls, this is a species that works well in wood craft, but it also is easily snapped by wind, ice and snow.  If you’re in a coastal location, this timber bamboo handles coastal air quite well.  This bamboo is especially popular for those interested in a fast growing timber bamboo as it is one of the best options.

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