Pseudosasa Japonica Arrow Bamboo

Quick Facts:

Other Common Names: Arrow Bamboo

Type: Running

Average Height: 14 feet.

Average diameter: Less than 1 inch

Zone: 6-11 (Hardy to 5 degrees Fahrenheit)

Light Requirements: Shade or Sun

Best Use: Privacy Screening, Fences, Container, Near The Ocean,


Arrow Bamboo is unique for lots of reasons, one being that the Japanese literally use to make arrows out of this plant! A great option for those looking for a screen that’s not “too” high, it generally grows between 8-18 feet. Leaves also grow low on the plant making a nice dense screen.  This is considered a cold hardy variety, but it doesn’t do well in dry air. On the contrary, it’s one bamboo variety that can handle salty, humid air-such as that near oceans. This also is considered a fast growing bamboo, but is not as aggressive as other running species.

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