Bamboo cooking survival hack

This Survival Hack Will Make You Hungry

You might think “survival” means nothing but the bare minimum, but a recent viral video shows just how easy it is to turn bamboo into a cooking tube and make delicious food fit for a kitchen. Now, you might not have the accessibility of the food, but this eating hack is still one worth checking out. 

What you need for the survival hack is a bolo knife a stone and a piece of bamboo.

The first step is to cut a hole in the bamboo to create a pot. Make sure to set the cut off part aside to create a lid.

The second step is to create a fire using debris found in the surrounding area.

After the fire is going, it’s time to create a stand to place the bamboo pot on.

It’s then time to put the food you’ve gathered into the bamboo tube.

The bamboo “pot” is then put over the fire and the fire stoked to cook the food.

And there you have it! Your food is ready to go.

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